Damaged Shipment

If you receive a package that has visible signs of damage during transport, it is important that you receive the package with reservations, or alternatively open the package while the freight company's personnel are looking at. If the content has been damaged, a claim must be made with the shipping company concerned (typically Post Danmark or GLS). The freight company staff can help you make the damages case. It is important that you object immediately to the condition of the package and do not acknowledge receipt without reservation.


It is also possible to deny receipt of a damaged package. It will then come back to us for credit.


If the damage is not visible on receipt you can still make a damages case. However, make sure to contact the shipping company as soon as possible, as after a few days they will no longer replace a damaged product. For Post Denmark this period is 7 days, but check with the current shipping company for the applicable rules. In all cases, it is clearly an advantage to start the damages case as soon as the damage is discovered.